Freebies – Gratitude #64

Most of us don’t dare ask strangers for things, even though we’re pretty sure they don’t want them anymore. Again, it’s the fear of rejection. Actually, what’s wrong with being rejected? Embarrassed just because someone said no? I’m learning to be a bit more brave (or thick skinned) and am reaping the rewards.

It’s not just asking for things but also requesting for something to be done a different way, like replacing single-use plastics with my containers. And that’s working  brilliantly! 🤗

Some months back my neighbours had their floor tiles changed. They had some wooden pallets in their harden and some thrown into the And every time I drove by their house I would eye the pallets in their garden.

One day I thought to myself, if I don’t gather the courage to ask them for the pallets I’ll never get any! So I practically forced myself to go over and asked and they said yes! Now, that wasn’t too difficult!

A few days ago, after lunch at the coffeeshop near the flats, I saw a discarded plant on the ground. It looked like it had been there for a while as the roots and leaves were drying up. It wasn’t just beside my car. It was about four yards away, on elevated ground. I asked Jack to get it for me. I would have picked it up myself if I had not pulled a muscle in my leg 😁

Today I finally found the time to repot it.

What do I see here? I believe it’s a 50sen coin! Good luck? I hope so! 😁

Distractions aside, it had four distinct root systems so was easy to separate.

Since I was at it I decided to propagate a few other plants.

Now I have nine more plants for FREE! 😁